Wall Mounted Wine Rack for 3 Litre Double Magnum Bottles

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Wall Mounted Storage and Eye-Catcher for Your Larger Bottles


Bottle size influences the speed at which a wine ages. The larger the bottle, the gentler and slower the ripening process. Since large bottles like the 3 litre double magnum also have thicker walls, the wine is also better protected against harmful light influences. Taken together, this enables a longer storage potential, which is particularly desirable for high-quality and expensive wines. If you want to store your wine for several years, you should choose large bottles.

A double magnum bottle is something very special that requires exceptional presentation. This is why we have developed a special wall holder for the storage and presentation of your exceptional double magnum bottles. It is made of black powder-coated metal and attracts attention as a decorative object. Due to the horizontal storage in the simply designed holder, the value of the 3-litre double magnum comes to the fore; the label is clearly visible.

Dimensions: H 15 x W 50 x D 13 cm

Wall Mounted Wine Rack for 3 Litre Double Magnums

Wall Mounted Wine Rack for 3 Litre Double Magnums

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