Wine cabinet WINE DUETT

Quick Overview

Perfect drinking temperature for your wines with this decorative wine cabinet


Perfectly tempered wines
To keep your wines perfectly tempered Wine Duett is the right and practical choice. With this comfortable device you can store and temper up to 12 bottles horizontally in the smaller version and 21 in the larger one.

Low noise and vibration
Because the wine cooling cabinet is equipped with low wear, thermo-electric elements ant not like similar devices available with a compressor this device has low noise and low vibration values (maximum 45 dBA).

Two temperature zones
Two separate temperature zones. Really practical is the electronic temperature regulation with two zones for red and white wines respectively. The temperature can be adjusted between +7° and 18°C. The digital display has two modern LED lamps to indicate the actual values. This way you are able to optimally regulate the storage and serving temperature of wines and champagne.

Attractive design
The decorative cabinet with stable, black lacquered steel frame and a silver stainless steel front panel with a double layered tempered glass window will impress people with fine taste through the elegant design. The design is simple yet timeless with the perfect combination between colour and materials.

2 models available
This device is offered in two versions, the first one with a 12 bottle capacity and the second one with a 21 bottle capacity. Storage for bottles with a 0.75 l volume and a maximum height of 31 cm.

Delivery includes the removable wooden shelves
Energy efficiency Class C
GS proofed Security
Each device has 140 W, 230 V
Small device: H 53 x W 34 x D 55 cm, 12 bottle capacity
Large device: H 81 x W 34 x D 55 cm, 21 bottle capacity

Wine cabinet Wine Duett, 12 bottle capacity

Wine cabinet 'Wine Duett', 12 bottle capacity

£ 249.95
include taxes plus shipping expenses
Delivery: approx 27 day(s)
Wine cabinet Wine Duett 21 bottle capacity

Wine cabinet 'Wine Duett' 21 bottle capacity

£ 289.95
include taxes plus shipping expenses
Delivery: approx 13 day(s)