Wine rack system 'Primavino', dark brown

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Attractive and easy to assemble: Primavino wine rack system


Are you looking for a wine rack which is easily assembled, has an attractive design and is made of solid wood?
Then you will be best advised with this attractive shelving system. Due to the flexible assembly of various modules you will be able to optimally use the available space. Thanks to its beautiful design it not only acts as a decorative eye catcher in the cellar but also in living areas.

Easy to assemble.
The individual rack elements insert into each other very easily. The rack is set up in the wink of an eye without special tools, strain and wasting of time. Great stability. The design is extremely stable due to a system of interlocking elements. The 1.6 cm thick wooden elements are made of solid, well dried pine wood. Therefore you can be certain that the wood does not warp or crack out with dampness in the wine cellar.

Individual usage.
You can simply place the various module sizes next to or on top of each other according to the available area for the optimal utilization of space in your cellar or living area. The modules can be firmly connected to each other with the use of the connector sets available as an accessory. For example, you will reach a height of 2.26 m by connecting modules 2 and 3. If your cellar has a lower ceiling, simply use modules 1 and 3 for a total height of 2.04 m. We do not recommend wall mounting for this system.

Purchasing this shelving system is no risky business.
You can expand the system at any time with your growing bottle supply. We offer you the versatile shelving system coloured in an elegant dark brown wood tone. This solid wood wine rack system adds so much sophistication to any room that it will also fit perfectly in your living or dining areas.

Primavino wine rack, module for 12 bottles  H 32.5 x W 75 x D 22 cm
Primavino wine rack, module for 18 bottles  H 43 x W 75 x T 22 cm
Primavino wine rack, module for 24 bottles  H 54 x W 75 x T 22 cm
Primavino wine rack, module for 36 bottles  H 76 x W 75 x T 22 cm
Primavino wine rack, module for 78 bottles  H 150 x W 75 x T 22 cm

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10-year guarantee on wine racks

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